Pay to Go Fishing? Or Just Buy the Fish?

This is the primary question facing appointment-based small businesses (such as home improvement contractors, attorneys, home service companies, medical clinics, etc.) today as they work to grow their businesses.

Do you spend marketing dollars to go fishing for new customers or just buy new customers for your business?

In the past, everyone needed to become skilled fisherman. Businesses that discovered where the most new customers could be found and which appeals attracted them were the ones that successfully generated more sales and grew their businesses. If a business was poor at fishing, it would flounder.

Today, sophisticated lead generation, such as the Pay-Per-Inquiry program from Swift Marketing Partners, gives appointment-based businesses the ability to purchase new customer inquiries without the risk, expense, experience and knowledge formerly needed for successful fishing.

The bottom line is that a company saves a tremendous amount of money and time in purchasing qualified leads rather than attempting to generate them on their own.

Think about the cost comparison. How much might it cost a business to:

1.       Hire someone to develop and execute a marketing program

2.      Pay for the media recommended, i.e. radio time, print ad space, internet ads, etc.

3.       Design and write the creative that will run in the purchased media

4.       Test different ads against each other to see which, if any, generated the most new customer inquiries, and track the results

5.      Pay for the staff time (including developing the skills and expertise) needed to manage and execute the program on your end, time which is probably better spent executing your expertise (such as practicing law)?

6.      Plus, what if (and this happens frequently with small business marketing), the effort produces little or no response?

That’s the cost of going fishing to get your fish.

At Swift Marketing Partners, we hook new customers on your behalf, using our expense, our expertise and our time – and then just sell you the qualified new customer inquiries we’ve caught. 

It’s no wonder that grocery stores are where people now get their fish. It’s a whole lot easier and cheaper to just buy them.

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