Your Customer May Know More About Your Business Than You Do.

How so, you say? You’re the expert at providing the product or service that your business sells. You may have been in business 15 or 20 years. You do what you do every day.

But when a prospective customer evaluates your business to determine if he wants to buy from you, he now finds an internet full of knowledge. Frequently, that knowledge is greater than what you’re aware of.

Consumers today read not only your website, but also your competitors’ sites and online reviews.

Do you know what each of your competitors are telling your prospective customers? Are they telling them that they are more reliable, have larger selection, are more trustworthy, have better customer service, longer warranties, higher quality and lower pricing than you?

Prospects also read reviews, both good and bad. What have people written and posted about your business? And what do you do if someone posts something derogatory about you? What if prospects only find reviews about your competitors and not about you?

If you’re not aware of what prospective customers will read as they determine which company to call, it’s much more difficult to position your company against them effectively.

At Swift Marketing Partners, we make it our business to know everything that prospective customers might see on the internet when making a purchasing decision. The more we know about what’s being said, the better we can position our clients to become the preferred choice.

Find out more about how we can generate quality new customers for your business on a Pay-Per-Inquiry basis. Call Swift Marketing Partners at 877-525-1381.

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