“The prospect left me a message and now I can’t get back in touch with him. Is it a ‘dead lead’?”

When our small-business clients receive a hot qualified sales lead from us, in most cases they talk to the prospect on the phone at the time the prospect first calls. But sometimes the inquirer leaves a voice mail or email message. And that requires an additional effort to call back the prospect.

So what’s the most effective approach at following up on a message left by a hot sales lead – such that you have the best shot at actually reaching the person?

The 6-Call Strategy

We recommend following this “Best Practices” approach. Research shows that if you do, you’ll get in touch with that hot sales lead over 97% over the time.

  1. Return the prospect’s call within 5 minutes of first receiving the lead. Do this every single time and do not wait longer than 5 minutes.
  2. If you didn’t reach the prospect, attempt callbacks 2 and 3 also on Day 1.
  3. If you still didn’t reach the prospect, skip Day 2. Then, attempt callback 4 on Day 3.
  4. If you still didn’t reach the prospect, attempt the fifth call on Day 4.
  5. And, if you still haven’t reached the prospect, make your sixth call attempt on Day 11.

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